The Saddletones“Miss Laurie Ann is straight up old school and has the chops to prove it. If your thing is American Music you must have this record”
Vincent Bator – The Springfield Indie Music Examiner


pic1One doesn’t typically think of Irvington New Jersey as a source for Roots song-writers. But when your Daddy raised you on a steady diet of Hank Williams records along with various swing and blues artists of the time, and your Mama played steel guitar, it’s gets in your blood fast. Miss Laurie Ann started writing songs at an early age and has developed an extensive collection of tight, well crafted songs that tell stories of love, come and gone. Much in the tradition of The Blasters and The Paladins, her musical style is “American Music”, combining elements of 50’s rhythm & blues, rockabilly, traditional country and swing.

The second album from Miss Laurie Ann & The SaddleTones, entitled Ease My Mind, showcases her American Music influences. Produced by legendary guitarist and songwriter Dave Gonzalez of The Paladins and The Hacienda Brothers, the album covers a wide range of roots styles including country, swing, rockabilly and the blues. The album was recorded and mixed all analog utilizing vintage recording equipment and techniques such as a RCA 44BX ribbon microphone, Otari MX70 8-track recorder, EMT model 140 plate reverb, and tape-to-tape slapback echo. It was recorded live in a “big room” setting to capture that vibe so prevalent in the recordings of the 50’s, 60’s, and early 70’s.

Miss Laurie Ann has been performing with her band, The SaddleTones, for almost ten years now. The SaddleTones include Joe Brensinger on guitar, Ira Spinrad on guitar, Jimmy Beckerman on keys, Howard Girao on upright bass and Davie Lee Ross on drums.They continue to perform at honky-tonks, theaters, festivals and many other events along the east coast. Along the way they have shared the stage with artists such as Wanda Jackson, The Blasters, Reckless Kelly, Dale Watson, Wayne Hancock, Dave Gonzalez, Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys, Nikki Hill, Jittery Jack and others.


“Miss Laurie Ann & The SaddleTones really are rock-boppin country, walking that fine line between 40’s honk-tonk and 50’s rockabilly. ”    Mark Gamsjager  – The Lustre Kings                     untitled-1


” Good music made by good people. Ease My Mind will ease yours”  Jerome Clark – Rambles. Net



untitled-67“Miss Laurie Ann & The SaddleTones are proud purveyors of a Rock-Boppin Country sound that is nothing short of infectious. Lead vocalist, and song-writer, Miss Laurie Ann, has a voice that is pure classic country in the vein of Kitty Wells meets Wanda Jackson.”

Danny McCloskey – The Alternate Root


untitled-16“Take a good amount of country, add a touch of western swing, and just enough rock n roll and you have Miss Laurie Ann & The SaddleTones.”

Sam Pierre – Le Cri du Coyote


untitled-69“Every song on this album could be in steady rotation on a truck stop diner jukebox when my Uncle Gene drove his big rig and cb radios weren’t around yet.”

Michael Fog – Lixx Music Creation & Production


“Miss Laurie Ann and The SaddleTones bring to life music that seems to be long gone.”

Matheson Kamin– Matheson’s Entertainment Blog